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Your Blueprint for Impactful & Lasting Employee Engagement

Your comprehensive guide on using recognition in your organisation to help boost retention & productivity through social engagement.



  • What should employers do to engage their employees?
  • Common strategies for an employee engagement programme
  • Technology vs culture: do you need tools to engage?
  • How recognition impacts employee motivation and retention  
  • Defining the future of the workplace

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What's inside?


Our eBook, as the name suggests, provides a blueprint for you to engage your employees and covers a range of topics all focused around employee recognition tools, strategies and expert advice gathered over years of industry experience.


Technology is now so engrained in our everyday work and home lives, how do we use it to our advantage and as a force for good?

There are so many tools available to encourage employee engagement. We will break down what tools are out there and the positive and negative impacts that come with them.




There are basic engagement strategies that apply to almost all businesses and they tend to be centred around reward or incentives.

We take a deeper look into where and when those strategies make sense and at what point you should consider looking towards a more recognition-based approach.

Expert Advice

Our years in the industry have equipped us with the knowledge to be able to provide businesses with advice on how to build an employee recognition and engagement programme in your workplace. This includes everything from which tools to use, setting goals, facing challenges and much more.



River have two branches, employee engagement and business intelligence. These two products reflect our heritage and our purpose of making great days at work. Rippl is our employee engagement app that brings values and culture to life through recognition and storytelling.

We’ve always adapted, we’ve always tried new things and we always will. There’s no other way to stay relevant, fresh and exciting and, whilst it has its moments, it always makes for great days at work! 


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